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With our team of architects, engineers, merchants and building practitioners, we offer our customers the complete handling of projects. We are solution-oriented and practical. We speak the “language” of the client as well as that of the planner and craftsman.
As a customer, you have a single point of contact with your general planner who is responsible for ALL planning and execution issues. The interface between the technical planners and the technical participants is completely coordinated by us. This promotes a smooth project flow and less effort on the part of the client.
Due to the many years of experience of many team members on the executive side of a general contractor, we know both the client and the contractor side. This means that we can identify many challenges in advance and thus remove obstacles. For us, site management is a core competence and not an annoying evil.
Wood is a regenerative building material that has been used for centuries and from our point of view is used too little in Germany. In addition to the positive environmental balance, the high technological level of the timber construction industry and the high level of prefabrication of timber buildings are a major plus. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, this construction method is a trend-setting alternative to solid construction, in addition to the significantly better execution quality and dimensional accuracy. Construction times are shortened, noise emissions are reduced, CO2 is absorbed instead of emitted, comfort in the living space is increased, etc., etc.

So the question should be more like: Why don’t many more people live in wooden houses?

There are many contradictory answers to this question in professional journals. From our experience a timber construction, if one sets on its strengths and does not try to convert a massif construction in the wood, does not have to be more expensive than a massif construction. If you take into account the shorter construction period and the associated earlier income, we are convinced that the construction of a wooden house can be more economical in the future than a conventional building.

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