As consulting engineers and architects, we are able to provide you with special benefits of the HOAI as well as additional consulting services. Also in the field of assembly guidance we have gained experience with individual special charge settlement, to give complete advice to this particular form of owners' association. An independent third party assessment of plans is also one of our services, such as the need-based valuation of property (due -dilligence).

We place great emphasis on a transparent project flow. With our structure, we can thus assume individual services in foreign projects. In particular, we take care of neighbourly legal consents and easements. We assign prices of tender specifications and check the costs of alternative construction work (building materials) and cheap alternative tenders. We consider any type of construction plans and make cost optimization in the field of reinforcement design and building services distribution. We will accompany you in the preparation and monitoring of detailed payment plans and confirm retrieval rates after MaBV. Of course this includes the identification and documentation of the achieved building status. In addition, we support you in applying for funding, particularly from KfW - Loans.

For our clients, this approach yields the following advantages

  • Consistent four-eyes-principle
  • Reduction of capacity shortage
  • Supplement of your know-how
  • Cost monitoring for the client and reporting

Project management is the central activity of the project manager during project implementation. Through our experience and combination of business and technical knowledge, our scope of work is subjected to                    paragraph 204 (AHO). Many people confuse project management with the pure detection and analysis of deviations. Our main focus is above all the prevention of deviations and the consequent introduction of proper measures, to bring the project back onto the right track. Our goal is to bring an ongoing analysis of the actual values in accordance ​​with the desired values ​​of the project plan. The three cornerstones in the foreground are COSTS - DATES - QUALITIES.